4th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design

June 2nd-5th 2010 Valencia, Spain

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Opening Plenary Session

Country Report: Layout Regulation for Road Projects in Spain

Hinojosa Cabrera, José Antonio, Dirección General de Carreteras, Ministerio de Fomento, Spain

Country Report: Australia: New National Guide to Road Design

Barton, David, VicRoads Victoria, Australia

O’Callaghan, Noel, DTEI, South Australia


Session 1.1: Application of Speed Models

Country Report: Update on Geometric Design Activities in Denmark

Kjemtrup, Kenneth S., Road Design and Tender Danish Road Directorate, Denmark

Australian Experience with Using Speed Prediction Models to Determine Accurate Design Speeds

Cox, Ricky; Arndt, Owen; Queensland Department of Main Roads, Australia

Analysis of Speed Prediction for Design Consistency of Two-Lane Rural Highways

Trentin, Leandro Cardoso, UNIP - Universidade Paulista, Brazil

Kabbach Junior, Filipe Issa; Suzuki, Carlos Yukio; EPUSP - Escola Politécnica da Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil

Speed Models for Highway Consistency Analysis--A Columbian Case Study

Castro, María, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Sánchez, José F.; Ardila, Néstor; Melo, John; Universidad del Cauca, Colombia

How to Come to Safe Speeds and Credible Speed Limits?

Aarts, Letty; Van Nes, Nicole; SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, Netherlands

Donkers, Erik; Van der Heijden, Dirk; VIA Consultancy, Netherlands


Session 1.2: Updating Design Criteria

Country Report: The Policy on Highway Geometric Design in Colombia

Posada Henao, John J., Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Medellín, Colombia

Gonzalez Calderón, Carlos A., Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia

Farbiarz Castro, Viviana, Steer Davies Gleave, Colombia

Impacts of Modern Headlights on the Design of Sag Vertical Curves

Hawkins Jr., Gene H., Texas A&M University, USA

Research on the Minimum Tangent Length of Roadway

Cheng, Jianchuan; Chen, Fei; Zhang, Rongjie; Ge, Ruoyu; Bian, Fenglan; Southeast University, China

Changes in Geometric Design Standards on Interurban Undivided Roads

O'Cinneide, Donnacha, University College Cork, Ireland

Integrating Safety and Human Factor Issues Into Road Geometric Design Guidelines

Kanellaidis, George; Vardaki, Sophia; National Technical University of Athens, Greece


Session 1.3: Designing for Vulnerable Road Users

Country Report: Update on Geometric Design Activities in Austria

Hofbauer, Thomas E.; Zotter, Friedrich; Federal Ministry for Transport, Innovation and Technology, Austria

Analysis of Bicycle, Pedestrian and Auto Interaction at Multilane Roundabouts in the US

Flannery, Aimee, George Mason University, USA

Ledbetter, Lauren, Alta Planning and Design, USA

Arnold, Lindsey, University of California, Berkeley, USA

Jones, Michael, Alta Planning and Design, USA

Pedestrian Crossing Safety Improvements: Before and After Study Using Traffic Conflict Techniques

Cafiso, Salvatore, University of Catania, Italy

García García, Alfredo, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Cavarra, Rosario, University of Catania, Italy

Romero Rojas, Mario Alfonso, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Pedestrian Crosswalks Safety Inspections: Safety Assessment Procedure

Montella, Alfonso; Mauriello, Filomena; University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Design Criteria for Crosswalk Width and Position at Signalized Intersections

Alhajyaseen, Wael; Nakamura, Hideki; Nagoya University, Japan


Session 2.1: Exploring the IHSDM

Country Report: USA: Improving Safety, Mobility, and Livability with Better Geometric Design Practices

Hasson, Patrick; Doctor, Mark; Shaw, Jeffrey; Taylor, Mark; Harrison, Keith; Struve, Brooke; Federal Highway Administration, USA

Thrasher, Barton, Virginia Department of Transportation, USA

Wolf, Scott; Chen, Clayton; Federal Highway Administration, USA

Calibration of Highway Crash Prediction Models for Other Countries - A Case Study with IHSDM

Koorey, Glen, University of Canterbury, New Zealand

Adaptation and Calibration of IHSDM for Evaluating Highway Projects in Spain

Domínguez Lira, Carlos Arturo; Castro, María; Pardillo-Mayora, José María; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Gascón Varón, Carlos, Diputación Foral de Bizkaia, Spain

Comparative Safety Analysis of a Two-Lane Two-Way Major Highway, Using IHSDM and a Portuguese Procedure

Cardoso, João Lourenço, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC), Portugal

Lisboa Santos, José, Instituto de Infra-estruturas Rodoviárias, I.P,  Portugal

Lima Azevedo, Carlos, Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil (LNEC), Portugal

Application of Design Consistency Evaluation Tools for Two-Lane Rural Roads: A Case Study from Italy

Perco, Paolo; Marchionna, Aurelio; Falconetti, Nicola; University of Trieste, Italy


Session 2.2: Impact of Interchange Elements

Country Report: Pressures for Change: New Developments and Emerging Issues in Canadian Geometric Design

Robinson, John B.L., McCormick Rankin Corporation, Canada

Merali, Aziz, Focus Corporation, Canada

Smith, Gerald, GCS Technology, Canada

Millen, Geoffrey B., McCormick Rankin Corporation, Canada

Introduction of the New Nano Interchange Design as a Directional Freeway-to-Freeway Interchange

Moon, Jae-Pil, Korea Institute of Construction Technology, Korea

Hummer, Joseph E, North Carolina State University, USA

Tunnel Road Design: Junctions In and Near Tunnels in Freeways

Broeren, Patrick T.W., ARCADIS Nederland BV, the Netherlands

Hennink, Henk; Hoeksma, Jelle; Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, the Netherlands

The Connecticut Department of Transportation (ConnDOT)--Avon, CT Truck Escape Ramp (TER)

Hanley, Richard C., Connecticut Department of Transportation, USA

Deceleration Lane Length Evaluation Based on a New Conflict Indicator

Romero Rojas, Mario Alfonso; García García, Alfredo; Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain


Session 2.3: Roundabouts

Country Report: Recent Developments in Highway Geometric Design in the Reconstruction of the Polish Road Network

Tracz, Marian; Gaca, Stanislaw; Krakow University of Technology, Poland

Turbo-Roundabout General Design Criteria and Functional Principles: Case Studies from the Real World

Granà, Anna; Giuffrè, Orazio; Guerrieri, Marco; Università degli Studi di Palermo, Italy

Potential Accident Rate of Turbo-Roundabouts

Mauro, Raffaele, University of Trento, Italy

Cattani, Marco, Trentino Mobilità s.p.a., Italy

Capacity of 2-lane Roundabouts

Greibe, Poul; La Cour Lund, Belinda; Trafitec, Denmark

An Improved Roundabout Design Process with Computer Assisted Analysis

Rocci, Sandro, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Ramos, Luis, Estudios y Soluciones Informáticas de Ingeniería S.L., Spain

Shihundu, Daniel, Transoft Solutions Inc., Canada


Session 3.1: Incorporating Safety through Audits and Contracting

Country Report: Update on Geometric Design Activities in Italy

Cafiso, Salvatore, University of Catania, Italy

Cesolini, Eleonora, ANAS National Road Agency, Italy

Coppo, Maurizio, National Board for Road Safety, Italy

Lamberti, Renato, University of Naples, Italy

Marchionna, Aurelio; Perco, Paolo; University of Trieste, Italy

A Procedure to Test the Safety Level of Road Design Elements

Dijkstra, Atze; Louwerse, Robert; SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, the Netherlands

Application of Human Factor Centered Checks in Road Safety Audits of Highway Design Projects in Spain

Pardillo Mayora, José M.; Jurado Piña, Rafael; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Spain

Predicting Operating Speed on Curve Sections of Eight-Lane Expressway in Plain Area

Cheng, Yingying; Chen, Fei; Huang, Xiaoming;  Wang, Fang; Southeast University, China

Assuring Road Safety Quality in the Road Design Process, the Dutch Perspective and Citing Two Case Studies

Schermers, Govert, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, the Netherlands

Kenjic, Zoran, Rijkswaterstaat Limburg, the Netherlands

Moning, Herman, Rijkswaterstaat -- Dienst Verkeer en Scheepvaart, the Netherlands

Vand der Drift, Rien, Rijkswaterstaat Zuid Holland, the Netherlands


Session 3.2: Unconventional Intersection Design

Country Report: Update on Geometric Design Activities in New Zealand

Hughes, James R, New Zealand Transport Agency, New Zealand

Guidelines for the Use of Some Unconventional Intersection Design

El Esawey, Mohamed; Autey, Jarvis; Sayed, Tarek; The University of British Columbia, Canada

Designing Criteria of Acute Angle Four-Leg Intersection At-Grade

Korlaet, Zeljko; Dragcevic, Vesna; Stanceric, Ivica; University of Zagreb, Croatia

Operational Performance of Alternative Types of Intersections--A Systematic Comparison for Indiana Conditions

Tarko, Andrew; Azam, Md. Shafiul; Inerowicz, Mike; Purdue University, USA

Shared Space or Saved Space?

Heinz, Harald, Heinz Jahnen Pflüger, Germany


Session 3.3: Context Sensitive Solutions and Design Consistency

Country Report: Upgrade of the Mexican Normative for the Geometric Design of Highways

Mendoza, Alberto;  Abarca Pérez, Emilio; Centeno, Agustín G.; Mexican Transportation Institute, Mexico

Hard Shoulder Running as a Short-Term Measure to Reduce Congestion

Lemke, Kerstin, Federal Highway Research Institute (BAST), Germany

Design Treatments to Reduce Nonrecurrent Congestion

Potts, Ingrid B.; Harwood, Douglas W.; Hutton, Jessica M.; Midwest Research Institute, USA

Kinzel, Christopher S., HDR Engineering, Inc., USA

The Effect of Combining Geometric Minima--Findings from Case Studies

Arndt, Owen; Peters, Julie K.; Cox, Ricky L.; Queensland Department of Main Roads, Australia

Some New Insights on Design Consistency Evaluations for Two-Lane Highways

Donnell, Eric T.; Himes, Scott C.; the Pennsylvania State University, USA

Porter, Richard J., the University of Utah, USA


Poster Session 4

Safety Consideration in Signal Coordination and Road Design on Urban Streets

Tarko, Andrew; Li, Wei; Purdue University, USA

Florida's Turnpike Enterprise / All Electronic Toll Collection: The Vision - The Challenges

Sudimick, Gerald W., PBS&J, USA

An Overview of Traffic Safety in America's National Parks

Nitzel, John; Dowds Bennett, Jacqueline; CH2M HILL, USA

Design Components of an Effective Traffic Control Plan

McDonald, David R.; Huckfeldt, Amber A.; Hanson Professional Services Inc., USA

Geometric Design and Other Characteristics Affecting Operating Speeds on Gravel Roads

Dissanayake, Sunanda; Liu, Litao; Kansas State University, USA

Implementation of Transition Curves in Vertical Alignment of Roads

Posada Henao, John J.; Suárez Acevedo, Eliana Y.; Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Colombia

Accident Prediction Models for Road Networks

Russo, Francesca; Dell'Acqua, Gianluca; University of Naples “Federico II”, Italy

Road User Ability and Behaviour--The Basis for a Safe and Road User Friendly Road Design

Herrstedt, Lene, Trafitec, Denmark

Operational and Safety Effects of Two-Lane Roads Alignment

Giunta, Marinella; Giammaria Praticò, Filippo; University “Mediterranea”, Italy

A New Tool to Evaluate Safety of a Crossroad

Subirats, Peggy, Centre d’Études Techniques de l’Équipement Normandie Centre, France

Dupuis, Yohan, IRSEEM, France

Violette, Eric; Doucet, David; Centre d’Études Techniques de l’Équipement Normandie Centre, France

Driving Simulation for Design Consistency

Bella, Francesco; D’Agostini, Giulia; Roma TRE University, Italy

Methodology for Driver Behaviour Data Collection and Analysis for Integration in Geometric Design of Highways

Said, Dalia; El Halim, Abd; Hassan, Yasser; Carleton University, Canada

Geostatistical Approach for Operating Speed Modelling on Italian Roads

Piras, Claudia; Mazzella, Alessandro; Pinna, Francesco; University of Cagliari, Italy

Context Sensitive Solutions to Improve the Roadway Performance

Discetti, Paolo; Lamberti, Renato; University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Bradley, Scott, Minnesota Department of Transportation, USA

Operational and Safety Effects of Transition Curves in Highway Design--A Driving Simulator Study

Zakowska, Lidia, Cracow University of Technology, Poland

Chevron Markings on Freeways: Effect on Speed, Gap and Safety

Greibe, Poul, Trafitec, Denmark

“AOSI”-Improving Road Safety on Rural Roads in Germany

Weber, Roland; Jährig, Thomas; Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany

Development of an Alignment Transition Index for Highway Alignment Consistency Assessment

Wang, Yan, Road Safety Research Center, Research Institute of Highway, Ministry of Transport, China

Guo, Zhong-yin, Tongji University, China

Li, Lin, Chang'an University, China

Effects of Longitudinal Joints on Vehicle Positioning

Dissanayake, Sunanda;  Landman, Dean; Russell, Gene;  Manepalli, Vikranth; Kansas State University, USA

Speed on German Highways in Heavy Rain

Hartz, Birgit, Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany


Session 5.1: Roadside Safety and Access Control

Country Report: Update on Geometric Design Activities in Sweden

Bergh, Torsten; Petersson, Mats; Swedish Road Administration (SRA), Sweden

Roadside Area Design--Swedish and Scandinavian Experience

Petersson, Mats; Bergh, Torsten; Swedish Road Administration (SRA), Sweden

In-depth Investigation of Run-off-the-Road Crashes on the Motorway Naples--Candela

Montella, Alfonso, University of Naples Federico II, Italy

Pernetti, Mariano, Second University of Naples, Italy

Driveway Design Issues in the United States

Gattis, James .L., University of Arkansas, USA

Gluck, J.S., AECOM, USA

Barlow, J.M., Accessible Design for the Blind, USA

Eck, R.W., West Virginia University, USA

Hecker, W.F., Hecker Design, Ltd., USA

Levinson, H.S., Transportation Consultant, USA

The Influence of Human Factors on Access Management Design

Dixon, Karen; Layton, Robert; Oregon State University, USA


Session 5.2: Accommodation of Passing Maneuvers

Layout of 2+1-routes in Germany--New Findings

Irzik, Marco, Federal Highway Research Institute, Germany

Passing Behavior of Drivers on Super 2 Highways in Texas

Brewer, Marcus; Venglar, Steven P.; Texas Transportation Institute, USA

Impact of Horizontal Alignment on Traffic Performance at Rural Two-Lane Highways

Shawky, Mohamed, Ain Shams University, Egypt

Hashim, Ibrahim, Menoufia University, Egypt

Procedures to Facilitate Passing on Conventional Highways by Means of Simulation

Valencia Alaix, Victor Gabriel, National University of Colombia-Medellín Sectional, Colombia

García García, Alfredo, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

Criteria for Uniform Designing and Signing of No-Passing Zones in Portugal

De Almeida Roque, Carlos, Aclive Projectos de Engenharia Civil, Lda, Portugal


Session 5.3: Complete Streets and the Impact of Turning Treatments at Intersections

Country Report: Update on Geometric Design Activities in the Netherlands

Schermers, Govert; Wegman, Fred, SWOV Institute for Road Safety Research, the Netherlands

Van Vliet, Pieter, Ministry of Transport, Public Works and Water, the Netherlands

van der Horst, Richard, TNO Defence, Security and Safety, the Netherlands

Boender, John, CROW, the Netherlands

Contextually Complete Streets

Rosales, Jennifer A., Parsons Brinckerhoff, USA

Sousa, Lindsey R., PB Place Making, USA

Complete Streets in the United States

LaPlante, John N., T.Y. Lin International, Inc, USA

Channelized Right-Turn Lanes at Signalized Intersections: A Review of Practice

Al-Kaisy, Ahmed; Roefaro, Sommer; Montana State University, USA

Safety Evaluation of Offset Improvements for Left-Turn Lanes

Persaud, Bhagwant, Ryerson University, Canada

Lyon, Craig, Persaud & Lyon, Inc., Canada

Gross, Frank; Eccles, Kimberly; Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc., USA


Session 6.1: Predicting Safety and Historic Trends

Country Report: Republic of Korea: The Development of the New "2+1" Roadway Design Guideline

Lee, Suk-Ki; Kim, Young-Rok; Moon, Jae-Pil; Korea Institute of Construction Technology Goyang-Si, South Korea

Choi, Jae-Sung, University of Seoul, South Korea

Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Different Safety Interventions Strategies on Two-Lane Rural Highways

Cafiso, Salvatore; Di Graziano, Alessandro; La Cava, Grazia; Pappalardo, Giuseppina; University of Catania, Italy

Determining the Accident Modification Factors Based on Iranian Road Accident Models

Reza Behnood,Hamid, Tehran Jonoob Azad University, Iran

Shabani, Shahin; Rouzikhah, Hossein; Ministry of Road and Transportation, Iran

Effectiveness and Cost-Benefit Analysis of the Safety Countermeasures Applied on High Accident Rate Roads Sections in the Spanish Regional Road Network of Castilla y León

Molinero, Aquilino;  Martín Pérez, Oscar; Perandones, José Miguel; Fundación CIDAUT, Spain

Martín Martínez, Carlos, Departamento de Conservación de Carreteras, Junta de Castilla y León, Spain

Pedrero, David, Fundación CIDAUT, Spain

Analysis of Accident Patterns in Lebanon

Choueiri, Elias M., Lebanese Canadian University, Lebanon

Choueiri, Georges M., Lebanese University, Lebanon

Choueiri, Bernard M., Ministry of Justice, Lebanon


Session 6.2: Stopping Sight Distance Applications in Highway Design

A Procedure for 3-D Sight Distance Evaluation Using Thin Plate Splines

Lovell, David J.; Kim, Dae Gun; University of Maryland, USA

Provision of Sight Distance around Concrete Barriers and Structures on Freeways and Interchanges

Arndt, Owen K.; Cox, Ricky L.; Lennie, Sandra C.; Whitehead, Mike T.; Queensland Department of Transport and Main Road, Australia

Assessing Available Sight Distance: An Indirect Tool to Evaluate Geometric Design Consistency

Altamira, Anibal L.; Marcet, Juan E.; Graffigna, Alberto B.; Gómez, Adriana M.; National University at San Juan, Argentina

Optimal 3D Coordination to Maximize the Available Stopping Sight Distance in Two-Lane Roads

Moreno Chou, Ana Tsui; Ferrer Pérez, Vicente M.;  García García, Alfredo; Romero Rojas, Mario Alfonso Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, Spain

D.I.T.S.: A Software for Sight Distance Verification and Optical Defectiveness Recognition

DiVito, Michele; Cantisani, Giuseppe; Department of Hydraulics, Transportation and Roads, Italy


Session 6.3: Evaluating in 3-D for Consistency and Safety

Country Report: Update on Geometric Design Activities in the United Kingdom

Smart, John, The Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation, United Kingdom

Selection of 3D Elements for Different Speeds in the 3D Modeling of Highways

Jha, Manoj K.; Karri, Gautham Anand Kumar; Morgan State University, USA

Kühn, Wolfgang, University of Applied Science Zwickau, Germany

Software Tool for the Analysis of Highway Alignments to Detect and Prevent Sun Glare Vision Impairment Hazards

Jurado Piña, Rafael; Pardillo Mayora, Jose M.;  Puy Huarte, Jose; Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

A Procedure for Auditing Highway Alignments for the Effects of Sun Glare

Lovell, David J.; Churchill, Andrew M.; University of Maryland, USA

Methodology for Checking Shortcomings in the Three-Dimensional Alignment

Kühn, Wolfgang, University of Applied Science Zwickau, Germany

Jha, Manoj K., Morgan State University, USA