A four-day Symposium is planned, featuring:

Symposium Format

  Plenary sessions on geometric design issues throughout the world.

  Podium and poster sessions featuring peer-reviewed papers.

 Country reports featuring recent development in geometric design, policy and practice.

  Technical Exhibit of software, design projects and research products.

 Technical Tours of local highway design and construction practices.

4th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design

June 2nd-5th 2010 Valencia, Spain

Pre-Symposium Activities:

  In conjunction with the Symposium there will be some interesting activities that participants can choose to attend independently:

 International Seminar on the New U.S. Highway Safety Manual
(June 1

 Three Workshops (June 2nd morning):

 Workshop on New Directions in Road Safety Modeling.

 Joint American European Workshop on Engineering Applications of Visualization.

 Workshop on Managed Motorways A Way Forward for the Future.

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