Technical visits

4th International Symposium on Highway Geometric Design

June 2nd-5th 2010 Valencia, Spain

Saturday, June 5th

           9:00 am - 3:00 pm

There are two options:

Technical Tour 1: Formula-1 Valencia Street Circuit and CV-13 – A New Freeway to Connect Castellon Airport with Coast.

The circuit was built by the “GENERALITAT VALENCIANA”, between 2007 and 2008, in seven months of hard works. It is located around the "JUAN CARLOS I MARINA", (harbor), where the America's Cup was held, and the Eastern part of the city called "EL GRAO".

Under these premises a layout that guarantees the safety of the participants was created, that would not disrupt normal life of the local population too much, that would be completely sustainable and that would have a careful impact on the Valencia image abroad.

Bearing this in mind, the urban circuit was set up and taken down on avenues and streets for conventional use, and was surfaced according to the indications of the International Automobile Federation.

Every year, two months in advance of the race, the works for changing streets and avenues into a street track, go on and transform the city for a short period of time.

Despite being a street track, its specifications and safety are the same as at a permanent track. The asphalt surface was made up of modified bitumen with strong resistance to horizontal traction.

Circuit Length                        5,473.50 m

Lap time                                 1 min 38 seconds

Maximum speed                  317 km/h

Pit lane length                        657 m

Number of turns                   25

The CV-13 freeway is a 15 km long coast-interior connection in the north of the province of Castellon. This new road also links the Castellon Airport with the road network. The project is being built with very strict environment requirements, since it is located at a natural valuable landscape of middle-high mountains. The design speed is 100 km/h and it has minimum horizontal radius of 500 m. The vertical curve parameters are greater than 9000 m on crest curve and 5000 m on sag curve. The terrain with a 5% maximum grade causes an amount of 2.160.000 m3 of excavation volume (cutting) and 1.892.000 m3 of filling volume, and 270.133 m3 of earthwork volume per km.


Technical Tour 2: Conclusion of the Mediterranean A-7 Freeway between Valencia and Alicante.  Puerto de Albaida – Barranco de la Batalla.

Communication between Valencia and Alicante is achieved by means of three main itineraries:

¨ AP-7, toll motorway along the coast.

¨ A-7, freeway along the central zone.

¨ A-35 and A31 freeways, along the interior.

The Mediterranean A-7 freeway between Valencia and Alicante is already on service from Valencia to Albaida (north segment) and from Ibi to Alicante (south segment).

In order to achieve the complete freeway service, the Ministerio de Fomento is carrying out the construction of three new freeway segments:

¨ Muro de Alcoi - Puerto de Albaida.

¨ Cocentaina - Muro de Alcoi.

¨ Variante del Barranco de la Batalla.


It was open to traffic the Alcoi bypass in December, 2009.

The total length of the freeways under construction between Albaida and Ibi is 29.2 km, and the total cost approximately is 300 M€.

17 bridges and 4 tunnels have been constructed, being 3000 m the total length of them.  The largest bridges are 410 m long, with different typologies.

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Technical Tour 1

Technical Tour 2